Social search is the new digital word of mouth

Facebook, Google and other digital giants are layering powerful search algorithms on top of people's social information in order to allow them to find personally relevant products and services. This is rapidly changing the way people find things online – moving from a generic "web search" into a highly personalized "social search".

As a business, this means social media is no longer an option. In order to ensure customers can find you when they are seeking social recommendations for the types of products and services you offer, a Facebook and Google+ page is just as important as having a webpage.

If you own a business with many locations, you have a unique opportunity to create a dominant social media presence to stay ahead of your competition. Your physical store network enables you to create individual social pages for every location, which provides you with multiple customer touchpoints and a strong geographic presence within the social network. This means that when potential customers near your stores are actively seeking the types of products and services you offer, you have a greater chance of being found. You can find additional information about social search and its benefits in our blog.

Just being on Facebook isn’t enough

Businesses with many locations often take one of three approaches to Facebook: they limit their Facebook activity to one national page; they allow each location to create its own standalone Facebook presence; or they implement Facebook’s Locations functionality (previously called Facebook Parent-Child) in an effort to engage with local, regional or divisional customers.

Unfortunately, these approaches are suboptimal and often lead to:

  • Low conversion
  • Poor customer experience
  • Limited local reach
  • Brand inconsistency
  • Audience fragmentation
  • Lack of content and engagement

The result : A national page with little local activity, or many local pages with little or no content, leading to poor customer engagement and wasted time and resources.

The result : Strong local and national customer engagement, leading to improved conversion and brand recognition, greater reach to communicate information and offers, and increased visibility in social search and mobile to reach new customers.

Amplify your physical footprint with the Social Brand Amplifier

The Social Brand Amplifier builds upon Facebook’s existing Locations capability (previously called Facebook Parent-Child) to connect your brand’s location pages to your national one in a coordinated fashion. Through the multi-platform dashboard you are able to cascade content and creative to your pages to raise awareness and drive local conversion, measure your results real-time and monitor conversations occurring across your entire Facebook network.

The platform is fully integrated with Facebook, enabling it to work perfectly across desktop and mobile, including Facebook’s mobile apps. Executed effectively, a strong social search strategy will help you increase your brand's visibility in Facebook both on the desktop and on mobile, which increases the likelihood your company will be found by prospective customers seeking social recommendations on the types of products and services you provide.

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