You Can Now Delete Posts!

Today we introduced a new feature that allows you to batch-delete Facebook posts using the Social Brand Amplifier.
If there is a scheduled post you’d like to cancel, or a post you’ve already published that you’d like deleted from your page, simply click on the “view all jobs in queue” link on your main dashboard (under Latest Jobs) and then click on the post you’d like to delete. You should then see a red “delete” button next to each post. Once you hit that, the job will then be marked as deleted in your queue.
Speaking of improvements, as of last night our development team pushed live a new release which we’ve been working on for several months to improve the SBA’s speed and performance. This put us in a very good position to continue rolling out some exciting new features on our roadmap.
As always, if you have any questions about the SBA, feel free to contact Jen at

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