Check The Status of Your Published Posts

When using the SBA, we recommend you always check the status of your posts after publishing. There are two ways to do that: you can click on “Publish History” on the top left, or scroll down below the “Comments and Notifications” section and check the “Latest Jobs” area. (It will display the last five jobs, but you can click on the link that says “view all jobs in queue” to see more.)

You will see a list of your most recent posts, with details on the date you published it, when it’s scheduled to go live (if applicable), how many Facebook pages you sent it to, how many pages it was successfully posted to, and how many pages it failed on (if applicable.)

SBA job queue failed posts

If you had any pages that failed, it will be reflected in the last column on the right, showing you the number of pages it failed on. You will also see a green line visually depicting how many pages the post was successfully sent to, and a red line depicting how many pages the post was not sent to.

For more details, click on the post you’d like to examine and you will be brought to a more indepth view. You will see the contents of the post, when it was published through the SBA, when it is scheduled to go live on Facebook (if applicable), and a “delete” button that allows you to remove the post from all of your Facebook pages with one click (for more information on deleting posts, click here). If you scroll down, you will also see which (if any) pages the post failed to be sent to, a link to those pages on Facebook, and an explanation of why the post didn’t work.

job queue2

In the above example, you will see that the post was successfully sent to 9 Facebook pages, completed on 8 pages, and failed on 1 page. The error message indicates that the SBA user does not enough administrative rights on that particular Facebook page to post to it. The most common errors are about admin rights, pages that no longer exist due to merges or deletions, and Facebook timing out. You can click on the red “Rerun Failed Task(s)” button to try to run the job on that page again.

Please note: “Completed” means that the post was successfully sent to Facebook and it in their queue. However, if Facebook is experiencing any outages or technical disruptions, it will not be reflected in the SBA so it is always good practice to spot-check some of your Facebook pages to ensure the posts were published.

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