Easily manage dozens, hundreds
or thousands local Facebook pages

Easily manage dozens, hundreds
or thousands local Facebook pages

  • Cascade content to hundreds or thousands of local Facebook pages at once
  • Create custom groups and segment target audiences
  • Consolidate notifications of all local Facebook pages into one dashboard
  • Respond immediately to individual customer comments
  • Amalgamate and segment reporting for all your Facebook Locations

Used by over 100 franchise organizations in more than 17 countries

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Companies with multiple locations have a built-in competitive advantage.

But just having local Facebook Pages isn’t enough.

National businesses often take one of three approaches to Facebook: they limit their Facebook activity to one national page, they allow each location to create its own standalone local Facebook page or they implement Facebook’s Locations functionality (previously known as Facebook Parent-Child) in an effort to engage with local customers.

The result: A national Facebook page with little local activity or many local Facebook pages with little or no content, which leads to poor customer engagement and wasted time and resources.

The Social Brand Amplifier addresses this challenge.

The Social Brand Amplifier has been specifically developed for multi-location businesses to allow you to manage your local, national or international store networks on Facebook within one dashboard.

The result: Strong local customer engagement leading to improved brand recognition, greater reach and increased visibility in social search and mobile to reach new customers.

A few of our happily amplified clients

“With the Social Brand Amplifier, we now have a tool that lets us reach our customers across North America and better understand how they're interacting with our individual local Facebook pages. "
— Nancy Cogger, Director of Marketing, Extreme Pita


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