Temporary Change To Social Brand Amplifier Notifications

[UPDATE – April 18, 2018: Facebook is prompting users to re-authorize apps if they haven’t logged in for a while. If you are prompted to re-authorize the Social Brand Amplifier app, please be aware that in the new Facebook environment, they have temporarily suspended access to the private messages of Facebook pages. Therefore, after you re-authorize the app, you may no longer get notified when your pages receive a PM. If you are a regular user of the SBA and have not been prompted to re-authorize the app via Facebook, you should not see a disruption in private message notifications.]


As you may be aware, Facebook recently announced a number of policy changes in an effort to ensure privacy and keep customer data safe. We at the Social Brand Amplifier (SBA) and our parent company, Reshift Media, are fully supportive of these changes as we believe in keeping peoples’ personal data secure.


The Social Brand Amplifier is already compliant with the new policies, as the platform does not access or store peoples’ personal data in any way. All of the information gathered by our systems is public data which is pertinent to peoples’ interaction with business pages. We do not access individual personal data such as age, interests, friends or any similar information. All of the reporting we provide is anonymized in aggregate. Therefore, we do not expect that the changes Facebook is making will have any long-term impact on the functionality of the SBA platform.


However, as part of this work, Facebook is currently conducting a full review of its internal systems, which is causing interruptions in service for a large number of applications accessing Facebook’s back-end, including the Social Brand Amplifier. This is not related to the information we are accessing or a review of our platform specifically. Rather, as Facebook is conducting its internal review they are simply not deploying resources to maintain many of the “day-to-day” services that applications rely upon.


As a result, the Social Brand Amplifier is currently not receiving notifications from Facebook including post comments, page comments, reviews or private messages. This is a temporary situation and our engineers are working closely with Facebook to address the interruption. We unfortunately do not have a timeline for resumption of service.


As an interim measure, we have implemented our contingency notifications system, which works as follows:

Our system will run an hourly “batch” process to fetch all of the notifications that have occurred. We are currently not notified by Facebook when a new event occurs, so an hourly update is the best that is available

The notifications we receive from Facebook tell us that an event has occurred, and what kind of an event (i.e. post comment, private message, review or page post), however, it does not provide the content of the event. This means we are not able to display the comment itself. The admin will need to click through a hyperlink to Facebook to see the comment, review or message.

Each hour, our system will:

– Update the Social Brand Amplifier dashboard with all new notifications for all pages within the network

– Send out an email with all new notifications to admins who have subscribed to email alerts

Every 24 hours we will also run a batch process to ingest the actual content of reviews and private messages

Admins who have subscribed to email alerts will receive separate emails with a list of all of the reviews and private messages that have occurred over the previous 24 hours for all pages


All other SBA functions including posting, reporting and other services are working normally.


We apologize for the inconvenience. Our software engineers are continuing to work on the issue and we will be sure to keep you informed on our status.

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